First Week of Classes

5 thoughts on “First Week of Classes”

  1. Nice blog, you draw a real picture of your life in Australia. For me I like hearing the weather, not sure why. Re. the Australian grading system, it used to be closer to that in the US . . . just that when I was in college (1962-1966) one really didn’t expect to get all A’s, in a way getting a B or two was a sign of character. And better reveals the human variation, inter-human and also our own varying skills and challenges. It’s silly that they require most of all A’s in many fields these days . . . kind of unrealistic. What, is the whole class above 90% in ability?


    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I will continue to write about the weather for you 🙂 I agree, its so unrealistic to expect students to get all A’s. Studying all the time doesn’t have much of a reflection on the type of person you are and the experience you have. I wish they would take that into consideration more than a good GPA!


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